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Portable design, compact, light to carry.

2.4 ”OLED Display, high resolution: 320x240pixels.

Gravity sensor changes the display direction automatically.

Visual and audible alarms.

IPX1 degree of protection against liquids.

AA size alkaline or rechargeable lithium battery (optional).

3 AA batteries provide 16 hours of continuous operation.

Max 60000 data groups, can be stored and reviewed

6 cm
12 cm
3 cm
0 kg

Safety standards: EC classification: IIb, Type of protection against electric shock: II, with internal power device, Degree of protection against electric shock: CF, Degree of protection against liquid ingress: IPX1, Equipment type: Portable nbsp; 

Battery: Type: 3AAA alkaline batteries, Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (optional), Working Time: gt; 16 hours for normal measurement state nbsp; 

Display: 2.4 "OLED 320 * 240 pixels, Sound and Alarm, Gives Buzzer, Button Tone and Beep, Supports Multilevel Tone and Volume, Alarm Tones meet IEC 60601-1-8 requirement 

Data Storage: View: Tabular Trend, Trend Range: 2 Seconds to 30 Minutes, Trend Parameter: PR, SpO2, Trend Data: spot-checkmode: ID 1 to 99, 300 groups for each ID, Continuous Monitor Mode: Group 60000 can be stored, Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Patients 

Digital SpO2: Range: 0 to 100%, Resolution: 1%, Accuracy: 70% at 100%: ± 2%, 0% to 69%: not specified, Refresh rate: lt; 30 seconds, Keypressing sound, PR, Range: 25 bpm to 250 bpm, Resolution: 1bpm, Accuracy: ± 2% or ± 1bpm, whichever is greater, Refresh Rate: lt; 30 seconds nbsp;

Nellcor SpO2 (option): Range: 0 to 100%, Resolution: 1%, Accuracy: 70% to 100%: ± 3%, 0% to 69%: Not specified, Refresh Rate: 7 seconds, Key Pressing Sound Indicator , PR, Range: 20 bpm to 250 bpm, Resolution: 1bpm, Accuracy: ± 3 bpm, Refresh Rate: 7 seconds 

ECG (option): Lead Type: Standard: 3 Lead (RA, LA, LL or R , L, F), Lead: eu, ii, iii, Gain: 2.5mm / mV (x0.25), 5mm / mV (x0.5), 10mm / mV (x1), Input Impedance: gt; 5.0MΩ, Input Current: lt; 0.1 uA, Baseline Recovery: Monitor Mode: lt; 3s, Electrode Offset Potential: ± 500mV dc, ECG Signal Input Range: -6.0mV a + 6.0mV, CMRR: Diagnostic Mode ≥89dB, Monitor Mode: ≥105dB, Bandwidth (-3dB): Diagnostic Mode: 0.05Hz to 100Hz, Monitor Mode: 0.5Hz to 40Hz, Standardization Signal: 1mV ± 5%, Electrode off indicating: with, Working mode: monitor and diagnostic mode, Frequency range: 10bpm - 300bpm, HR resolution: 1bpm, HR accuracy: ± 1% or ± 1bpm, whichever is greater, Protection: Defibrillator Proof, Baseline Recovery: lt; 5s after defibrillation 

Parameter: Digital SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pleth Bar and SpO2 Waveform 

Option: Nellcor SpO2, 3-Lead ECG, Adapter Infrared receiver, Rechargeable lithium battery (includes battery charger and AC-DC adapter)

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