Espirómetro DSPIROLYSER Q13 - Computadorizado

Computerized - DSPIROLYSER Q13 Spirometer


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The Spirolyser Q13® is a disposable computerized spirometer that uses single-use FLEISCH sensors (patented technology).

Intended to be used by healthcare professionals

With the "NO CONTACT AT RISK" design, the Spirolyser® Q13® does not require calibration or disinfection as the operator's hands never come in direct contact with the sensor.

Thanks to an innovative ejection system, the sensor used is ejected after the test.

Laboratory bacteriological tests show that there is virtually no risk (99.999%) of cross-contamination between patients if the Qflow® sensor is exchanged between patients.

Spare parts, not included:

Single Use FLEISCH Sensors

Single use nose clip 

Professional, intuitive and user-friendly interface 

Performs spirometric tests such as Slow Vital Capacity, Forced Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation ... 

Displays predicted values: ECSC, KNUDSON, ITS, POLAR, NHANES II 

Connects to most software packages currently available 

PDF Export 

Performance Help 

Inciting Fun Videos 

Views Real-Time Volume / Time Curve (FVC Chart Only) 

Indicates Lung Age 

Compares Tests 

Safe Database 

FIM Medical Experience

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