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Portable Doppler


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Portable Doppler

The C-Scan is a portable ultrasound tool that provides anatomical and grayscale 

Doppler blood flow images in real time with a touchscreen.It is the preliminary screening tool for you "from patient to patient" in your primary, critical or specialized clinical setting.;

Clinical applications:


Line Positioning (CVC, PICC)

Pain management

Point of service (POC)

Vascular access

Primary care

Emergency and ICU

General Practitioners

UrologicalOB / GIN


Pediatric Scan 

INDICATED FOR : Detect pericardial leakage, chest fluid or internal bleeding in the emergency room or in an ambulance, allowing immediate treatment to begin

See fetus as they grow

Detect fetal heartbeat

Monitor the amount of amniotic fluid during deliveryFind plaque in the carotid artery, avoid stroke before attacking

Put lines in your veins with visual confidence

Find nodules in thyroid, livers or breasts during screening

Monitor kidney stones, gall bladders and bladders

Check for bone fractures without radiography

9 cm
3 cm
17 cm
1 kg

Product Description Handheld Ultrasound Scanner

Monitor: 6-inch high resolution LCD touch screen (1280 * 720)

Probe type 128 elements

2-5MHZ convex frequency array / 5-10MHZ linear array

Displaying B, M, C, B + B, B + M Mode

1024 Cine-loop Frames

Convex frame rate: 16fps / linear: 24ps

Convex depth: ≤200mm / linear: ≤70mm

Grayscale gray level

Convex gain: 0 ~ 150dB adjustable

Linear: 0 ~ 120dB adjustable

Image Processing Line Smoothing, Frame Smoothing, Cross Filter, Longitudinal Filter, Sharpening, Gamma Transformation, etc.

Built-in battery (5400mAh) to support 2h for continuous scanning

JPEG, DICOM image format

Language Over 60 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, etc.

Measuring length, area, arrow, angle, perimeter, text.

5M camera autofocus

Wireless connection Wi-Fi, BLUETOOTH, 3G / 4G (LTE, WCDMA / EDGE / GPRS / GSM)

64GB Memory

Micro USB2.0, HDMI, 3.5 mm headphone connection interface,

Android Operating System

Printer WIFI printer

Patient file with file management and image file

Cloud image storage, cloud file management, standard API and SDK interface, information sharing platform

Technical Training Online and offline tutorial, self-built online training material

Remote software update

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