Eléctrodo para DAE
Eléctrodo para DAE
Eléctrodo para DAE
Eléctrodo para DAE

Electrode for DAE


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Description:A wide range of plates compatible with most certified defibrillators on the market;

Excellent adhesion and adequate gel thickness

Includes a pair of plates, cables and connectors

Maximum shelf life, 2 years from date of production;

Italian manufacturing

Compatible with Medtronic-Physiocontrol defibrillators:

- Lifepak 9 with quick-combine connector

- Lifepak 10

- Lifepak 12

- Lifepak 15

- Lifepak 20

- Lifepak 500 (with gray and pink handle)

- Lifepak 1000


Compatible with Cardioline Defibrillators:

- Elife 700

Compatible with Osatu Bexen defibrillators:

- Reanibex 200

- Reanibex 300

- Reanibex 500

- Reanibex 700

- Reanibex 800


Compatible with Mindray defibrillators:

- Beneheart D3

- Beneheart D6

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