Armario Frigorifico MEDIKA 1500 ECT-F TOUCH

MEDIKA 1500 ECT-F TOUCH Refrigerator Cabinet


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Structure: Sanitized pre-coated steel with bacteriostatic activity, internal and external white color or AISI 304 stainless steel on the inside and white colored sanitized pre-coated steel with external bacteriostatic activity (rust-proof material).

The inner chamber corners are rounded for easy cleaning.

Insulation: High density (40 Kg / m³) in-place foamed polyurethane with 70mm thickness for sides and back. The injection is water based, ie completely CFC free.

Feet: Nr 4 height adjustable for leveling and ensuring maximum stability

Door: Nr 2 hinged, glass doors with triple glazed panels, mounted in aluminum frame. The doors are equipped with external handles, automatic locking device (opening less than 90 °), magnetic rubber seals (ensuring perfect sealing) and a door switch that will stop ventilation to limit cold air loss at all doors

Internal light: led type. The light will automatically turn on at any door opening.

A dedicated button on the controller manually turns the light on or off if necessary. Light brightness% is adjustable from the main panel to protect light-sensitive products.

Night & Day Function: When the refrigerator is not in active use, this function will allow you to increase the setpoint for better energy saving and to turn the lights blue to make stored products visible in a dim atmosphere.

ON-OFF. Machine activation and deactivation can be password protected and is accessible from the ECT-F Touch controller home page.

Password-protected user-selective multilevel access control:

An end-user list, each with a dedicated password and recorded log list, can be created from the service menu, allowing complete and selective control of functions such as door opening, setpoint change, temperature limit setting, Door open delay alarm and turn the machine on and off.

Internal equipment: Nr 6 open steel sheet shelf with strong white coating (rust proof material). The shelves are supported by plastic clips, adjustable in height and easily removable. The st / steel racks interchange system allows the shelves and drawers mounted on telescopic blades to be interlocked.

ECT-F TOUCH Controller: 7 '' touch screen, easily readable from a distance.

Dual-core architecture, governed by an independent micro controller; Equipment operation is guaranteed even in the event of irreversible failure.

-The home page can be set as a screen saver showing the temperature and normal status of the refrigerator or as a main page for operating functions and power consumption.

- A real-time graph of temperatures or other selected functions is also visible from the home page. The chart can be detailed with reference to the last 24 hours.

- Real, changeable acoustic alarms. The alarm is triggered repeatedly if the end user does not access the alarm or fault list in case of problems.

- Large icons for alarms (triangles) or faults (blue type)

- Main list of alarms / faults:

  High / Low Setpoint Temperature Deviations

  High temperature caused by open door

  Door open alarm (customizable delay)

  low evaporator temperature

  clogged condenser

  gas discharge cooling system

  operating very high compressor

  disconnected probes

  warning of unbalanced temperature probes

  Mains voltage too high / low

  Controller board high temperature

  SD card missing

Standard protection against freezing and overheating.

Cooling unit: Top mounted monoblock type consisting of a hermetically sealed compressor, an air-cooled condenser and a vented evaporator, all placed outside the refrigerator. All components used are industrial grade ensuring maximum reliability.

91 cm
214 cm
155 cm
273 kg

DMLP DIGITAL TOUCH MONITOR: battery powered, power failure and independent visual / acoustic alarm and recording system. It has an accuracy of 0.1°C thanks to the PT100 probe(s) used for temperature detection.

The HFK will take over the alarm functions when installed as an integrated module in the main ECT-F Touch controller.

It is powered by standard rechargeable batteries to record temperatures and events in the event of a power failure; the batteries are easily accessible and replaceable by the end user when they are low or faulty.

Battery voltage is continuously monitored and a message is displayed when replacement is required. Data download is managed by the CAPTURE software provided on the SD CARD. The resulting file can be made into a graph or sent, once compressed, to the troubleshooting functions service.

The Dmlp Digital Monitor touch includes a test for simulating high / low temperature alarms.

Equipment operating conditions: a dedicated screen page, accessible from the home page, will provide all the necessary details of the equipment required for an initial troubleshooting service.

Data storage / connectivity.

Data sampling occurs every 30 seconds.

2 levels of data recording:


-The controller is supplied with an internal flash memory capable of storing 1 year operations.

-SD Card. The SD card will function as the black box of the machine and will contain 10 years of data recording and relevant documents such as manuals, spare parts list, installation videos and most common operations (however, in order to ensure maximum efficiency of the equipment) system, we advise replacing the SD CARD every 3-4 years).

Possibility to download data via the USB port using any USB pen drive (the USB port is also useful for software updates).

The CAPTURE software, supplied with the SD card, will allow the download and management of the recorded data and the creation of graphs.

The obsolete round paper chart has been replaced by a weekly customisable chart, selectable for up to three different probes, storable on any computer, printable and immediate release.

-Slot for SIM card (see additional accessory available: GSM Module)

-Integrated Web Server. Each machine is identified by a static IP address and can therefore be controlled via a normal browser from a PC or an Internet connection via smartphone.

To complete connectivity:

- RJ45 port for LAN / Ethernet.

- Dry contact and RS485 port with Modbus communication protocol

Tutorial section: a multimedia section includes files to support end users or service for more common operations (e.g. how to clean the condenser, how to install drawers, etc. electrical schematics, etc.).

The ECT-F touch controller can be upgraded with additional accessories, such as the DMLP digital monitor or GSM module, by means of plug-in modules that require no parts replacement.

Advanced defrost monitoring: defrost is automatically operated only when necessary, thanks to continuous monitoring of the Evaporator and overall performance via a dedicated sensor. Defrost cycles will consequently be reduced to a minimum, strongly reducing temperature variations inside the cabinet and energy consumption. Fully automatic with automatic evaporation of condensed water.

Double relays for compressor and evaporator. Double security patrolling the operation of vital parts of the equipment

'- Refrigerant : R134a without CFC  

- Refrigeration : Forced air, ventilated type  

- Temperature range : Adjustable between + 2 ° C and + 15 ° C (increase 0.1 °)  

- Mains Voltage : 230V / 1 Phase / 50 Hz  

- Capacity : 1,355 liters 

- External Dimensions  (W x D x H cm): 144 x 83 x 207  

- Internal Dimensions  (W x D x H cm): 130 x 69 x 151  

- Net Weight  (Kg): 245 

- Designed for Class Temperature N-ST environment (from + 16 ° C to + 38 ° C).

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