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Sonotech 5 Fetal Doppler - Wireless Probe


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Sonotech 5 Fetal Doppler - wireless probe

Fetal Doppler with high sensitivity and easy to operate

Built in memory for data storage

Alarm function for abnormal range

LCD with white digits on a black background+30 hours of operation on 3 AAA alkaline batteries

Built-in speaker (= 1.8W) with buttom volume control

Automatic switch-off function without signal (2 min);

Indicator for:

Signal level (between wireless probe and doppler)Alarm for abnormal FHR interval

Volume (0-6)Load Capacity

Storage number (0-9)


Anti-electroshock Type: internally powered equipment

Anti-Shock Grade: Type B equipment

Harmful Liquid Degree of Proof: IP × 4

Appropriate Use Range: Suitable for use after the 16th week of pregnancy


FHR Performance:

FHR Measurement Range: 50-210BPM (beat per minute) Resolution: 1BPM

Accuracy: ± 2BPM Probe:

Working frequency: 2.5MHz ± 10%.

Power output: <10mW / cm²

Peak time acoustic pressure: <0.1Mpa

Overall Sensitivity: ≥90dB

Main Device: 132mm (L) × 68mm (W) × 34mm (H)


Sonotech Models 5: 31 mm (Ø) × 103 mm (H)

Sonotech Models 5W: 32mm (Ø) × 120mm (H)

Mostrador LCD: 38 mm (Ø)

Weight: About 200g (including batteries) Environment:


Work environment:

Temperature: + 5 °C ~ + 40 °C Humidity: ≤80%.

Atmospheric pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa

Transportation and Storage:

Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ Humidity: ≤90%

Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa ~ 106kpa



Internal Host: 1.5V × 3 (Size: AAA) Probe Battery

Internal: 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery

External: 5V USB equipment


Power Source.

AC / DC Adapter:

Input: AC100 ~ 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, 0.2A MAX.

Output: DC 5V, 1000mA, 5VA.

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