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SPIROX PLUS spirometer


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SpirOx plus spirometer is a portable equipment to check lung conditions, adopts infrared mode to measure relative items, it is applicable for hospital, clinic, family for routine test

Large, colorful monitor

Forced Vital Capacity (FVC).

Forced Exhaled Volume in one second (FEV1).

The ratio of FEV1 and FVC (FEV1/FVC).

Peak expiratory flow (PEF).

Flow of 25% of FVC (FEF25).

Flow of 50% of FVC (FEF50).

Flow rate of 75% of FVC (FEF75) and average flow rate between

25% and 75% of FVC (FEF2575) can be measured. In addition.

The user condition can be shown by the relationship between the measured value and the predicted value.

Flow-volume graph, volume-time graph display.

Data memory, delete, upload and review.

Trend Chart Display.


Information requested when the volume or flow exceeds the limits.

Automatic shutdown when there is no operation within two minutes.

Rechargeable lithium battery with charging tips.

Battery Power Display.

Built-in Bluetooth module


Display Mode: 2.8'' TFT-LCD color

Display resolution: 240 * 320

Volume range: 0 ~ 10 L

Volume accuracy: ± 3% or ± 0.05 L (whichever is greater)

Flow rate range: 0 L / s ~ 16 L / s

Flow Accuracy: ± 5% or ± 0.2 L / s (whichever is greater)

Operating current: 200 mA

Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery DC3.7 V

Safety class: internally powered equipment, type BF applied part

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